A startup’s journey towards AI

Android Kara from 2018 ps4 game by Quantic Dream — Detroit: Become Human

Unless you’re a technophobe, most of us are consumers of AI products today— whether we like it or not. Those who have embraced AI technologies are likely to wake up talking to their Smart Assistant (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Siri) listening to the latest weather or daily news, have Google app read an article while preparing breakfast, be interrupted by your Smart Home console informing you that your neighbor is at your front door, or crawling into a Tesla with AutoPilot to drive back home after having one too many drinks (note: absolutely not recommended). The rest of…

Challenge: How do you transform this picture with WFH?

Like many organizations, our eCommerce logistics startup continues to struggle getting daily work done after 4 weeks of COVID-19 lockdown. During this time, I’ve kept in touch with my IT colleagues in large enterprises and other industries, many of whom wished their companies had gotten further in their digital transformation. So it was encouraging to receive validation from our CEO when he said, “u made [our company] so prepared for this!”

Before I joined my company 4 years ago, we had less than 50 employees and software development was 100% outsourced. Today our workforce is more than 6-times bigger. The…

Photo from Karen Gately’s article: The Ostrich strategy: Why ignorance is no excuse

Every year over the past decade, we’ve witnessed tsunamis hit the shores of Retail industries all over the world. If you’re a shopper or traveled to the US, you’d know that these brands have one thing in common:

Flickr Photostream

After splurging on a one-year subscription of Google One 100GB cloud backup, I embarked on a weekend project to migrate all my photos and videos from flickr to Google Photos. This article is about the migration experience — surprisingly quick and painless — and getting others to share their experience. Note that I currently use 4 Photo/Video Storage services (flickr, Apple iCloud, Amazon Photos, and recently Google One) and plan to consolidate down to one or 2. These learnings should apply to anyone planning to migrate to Google Photos.

[Nov 2020] more than a year later…

Given the surprising interest in my very first Medium article, I…

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